About Unity

Local History                           


What started as a small spiritual home-based study group in the late 1980’s, grew into what today is Unity of Reading.   In 1991 the organization purchased the building in Temple, PA and became a part of the Unity World Wide Ministries.

Many people have felt that Unity had been the best kept secret but the secret is getting out.  People are often surprised to discover that many of the Unity teachings and philosophies are being popularized by other authors and venues.  Publications that embody positive psychology, self-help, spiritual, and inspirational ideas by people such as Oprah, Wayne Dyer, and Deepak Chopra touch on Unity thought and principles.  This includes the knowledge that our thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs affect our experience of daily life.  Unity provides practical spiritual teachings that empower abundant and meaningful living.

Many who have read or subscribe to “the Daily Word” – although it is internationally published, don’t realize that the teachings and philosophies are being practiced right here at Unity of Reading!

Sunday messages and classes are positive, uplifting, and focus on improving our daily lives.  Join us for a Sunday celebration(s) and experience the joy of Unity!